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EV charger info to use in browser and on the route.

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Innovative Edge - Key Features

  • Transparent LiVEstate from green=free to blue=in use.

  • Visual opening hours - check out closed eyed icons.

  • Truely available charging power - preview panel with maximum (remaining) power.

  • ICE-ed warning by user reports or parking sensors - become a SITUATiONreporter!

  • Plan with 24/7 availability prognosis and TiMETravel.

  • LiNKstart services - adhoc start via operators' webservice or precomposed text messages.

  • RESERVATiON - available at selected stations.

  • SMARTfilter to quick select LiNKstart & RESERVATiON - tap (star).

  • Give feedback and rate charging locations.

  • ... and many more.



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