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MOVILITY.me is the international, user-oriented, interactive mapsite and webapp to enjoy CIRRANTiC's services. Offering latest innovative features and information for EV drivers live to all platforms using HTML5 standards.

It's responsive, current, informative, interactive, and linking professional operators' and providers' service offerings (CPOs & EMPs welcome!).

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Ladeatlas Bayern

Interactive overview of electric vehicule charging infrastructure for Bavaria, Germany.

"We wanted a branded web and smartphone application to inform publicly about the progress of Bavarian EV charging infrastructure. CIRRANTiC's webapp offering was quickly configured, flexibly branded, and is attractive for our partners and endusers."

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FUSiON Portal

Login to mobility locations, manage information, activities, feedbacks, and more.

ACTIViSE - live stream

Get in the driver seat for your POI objects!

Maybe, your POI already stream onto the platform waiting for your role. Check it out! If not, easily collect, edit, or import your data and make it a new stream.

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COLORiSE - add value

Rebrush your POI and spice them up!

Add weblinks, events annoucements, user functions, nice places, surveys, and more. Make ActivePOI.

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MOBILiSE - spread the news

Get them out to everybody who should know!

Manage interfaces to your backends or distribute the ActivePOI live and correct to all (participating) platforms.

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ANALYSE - where, what, when!

If you know what you do, you can do what you want!

Slice and dice your data, know whats going on, and respond to your users and usages.

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FUSiON Integration API

Streams, directly connected.

Standard API - Inbound and Outbound

FUSiON supports all relevant industry standard API for inbound and outbound communication with CPO, EMP, platforms, navigation service providers, etc.

Charging infrastructure protocols like OCPP, OICP, OCHP for static, dynamic, and functional communication are supported.

Being format-independent for maximum compatiblity and minimum API adjustments FUSiON is talking declarations, formats and structures in XML, JSON, or plain CSV via webservice, SOAP, push, pull, and basically anything else.

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Individual API - specific needs and enhancements

When it comes to digital services, strong and unique user experience is key. Though, data delivery speed, information currentness, and interaction feedback are hard to achieve.

FUSiON supports high performance, on-demand applications for interfaces in cars, apps, mobile devices with customized API and split-data structures. Point-of-Interest data and functionality delivered real-time. Think music streaming instead of music download.

Integrating sensor data, predictive analytics, functional enhancements e.g. for reservation and authorisation, and more to have all data ready for your customers' experience.

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Open API - Benefiting by community interchange

How many apps do you use when travelling? One for public transport, some for car sharing, one for local directions, and serveral more to catch all local chargers while in need to recharge your electric vehicule.

So we think basic information needs to be shared among web portals, OEM, EMP, etc. Imagine a world where whatever app you use all locations are linked with its basic content, and as operator, whatever service partner you chose, your loctions are widely visible.

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