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Information Management for electric vehicle infrastructure and beyond.

Dynamic Mapsites

Providing a customizable, branded HTML5 webapp on a map canvas for your users and customers. Finding charging stations and more using fast web technologies, with powerful functionalities like LiNKstart and TiMEtravel, and directly interacting with users.

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FUSiON Portal

Integrating and accessing all your mobility objects like charging stations and more. Manage & maintain accurate and current equipment and state information, (re-)distribute updates to partners, operators, platforms, OEMs, and get the latest user interations & feedbacks.

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Integration API

For building your own mobility product, as a web portal to save operation efforts collecting charging station information, as OEM to dynamically integrate quality assured, individually aggregated mobility POI data: Industry standard or individual, high performance, on-demand APIs are available.

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News & Activities

07th September 2017

Newly launched cooperation of CIRRANTiC and SMATRICS. Since September more than 160 charger locations supporting over 380 outlets operated by SMATRICS are registered on CIRRANTiC’s FUSiON platform and its mapsites including ... visual live state and LiNKstart.

Borderless e-mobility via Ladeatlas Bayern and Europe-wide via just became easier. In addition to necessary information on plugs, power, address and visible opening hours user can view the chargers’ live usage state. For convenience by just one klick using the LiNKstart function, SMATRICS’ direct payment offering DIRECT NET is deeplinked and can be immediately accessed on the smartphone.

Soon more and more SMARTRICS chargers will support TiMEtravel, available on, the availability prognosis for the next 24 hours.

Download MediaALERT (pdf): here

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20th February 2017, a smartphone-enabled, mobile webapp, is now integrated with Apple Maps, allowing EV drivers to conveniently use their Apple device, CarPlay, and Siri to find an EV charger along a route in several countries, including ... but not limited to: the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, France, Canada, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, and Switzerland. Tapping the EV Charger badge in Apple Maps will open up a placecard with more information about the EV charging station and a link to access In you can find details about plugs, power and usage status. Availability prognosis, parking status as well as connected reserve-start-pay options are increasingly added. In combination with status reports and feedback ratings, all that gives users the power to better plan their electric drives.
“By integrating with Apple Maps, we are pleased to seamlessly enable EV drivers to find and choose chargers on the road with confidence.” said Arne Meusel, CEO & co-founder of CIRRANTiC, the company behind “Our service is based on the mobility platform FUSiON. It provides quality live data, actuality, and functionality jointly with operators, mobility providers and more partners. Our overall goal is to speed up the adoption of zero emission, electric mobility by 'Guiding New Mobility’.”

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28th September 2016

From 18-20 Obtober 2016 the leading e-mobiltiy trade fair, eCarTec, will take place in Munich. CIRRANTiC will be presenting all is new products and service. We are looking forward to meeting with cooperation partners, customers, suppliers, and users at the booth A6-403. Get in touch to connect and schedule an appointment via Adhoc charging with LiNKstart, aggregation and quality services, enhanced data and dynamic streaming, TiMEtravel integration and much more are the features ready to use. Let's discuss your option and make EV driving fun and mainstream.

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11th August 2016

Adhoc charging at charging stations across Europe without contract. Various charge point operators offer EV drivers the service to start charging barrierfree adhoc. CIRRANTiC provides the overview with LiNKstart© and deeplinks the services conveniently on, Ladeatlas Bayern, and via its API for integrators. This service is free for CPOs giving them the opportunity to bring their services to more users and increase the users confidence to be able to directly charge, and improve the utilization of their charging locations.

Following adhoc charging services are already connected:

- sms&charge, at Stromnetz Hamburg and EWE in Oldenburg
- Ladepay of Ladenetz currently at 13 municipal works, e.g. Allgäuer Überlandwerk and Stadtwerk Ingolstadt
- be.energised community of, e.g. with Stadtwerk am See in Friedrichshafen, and
- intercharge direct, z.B. at Heldele and at Vorarlberger Kraftwerke

Further adhoc charging services will be connected in the comming weeks into LiNKstart©. Talk to us if you operate charging stations, so your offering can be integrated and be easily available to new users.

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16th July 2016

Searching the web for charging stations can be exhausting and disappointing. Various charge point brands are operating their stations and inform users via their individual websites. Web portals and their communities strive to... collect and catch them all. Now, additionally to working directly with CPOs, CIRRANTiC is happy annouce a new hassle free service for CPOs to include their POIs into CIRRANTiC's FUSiON platform. An smart service collects, maintains, shows and delivers the most current set of charging stations data efficiently. The auto-learning system has been setup comparing professional and public sources. The results are deliver a most current picture of active and publicly available charging stations that the CPO's users and data integrators can rely on.

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18th July 2016

Stromnetz Hamburg GmbH and CIRRANTiC GmbH cooperate for user-friendly EV-charging. From now on CIRRANTiC integrates Hamburg's charging station information in real-time with neighboring infrastructure. Push-info, prognosis, TiMEtravel, StatusReport und LiNKstart via SMS are live on the mobile website of
The success of electric mobility is strongly depending on positive and user-friendly experiences when recharging the e-car. Stromnetz Hamburg builds publicly available charging infrastructure for Hamburg covering at least 50 Prozent of all public chargers in Hamburg. The operator of the energy distribution network is the central city body and is responsible for coordinating, procurement and installation, operations and maintenance of the charging infrastructure – neutral to hardware OEM and barrierfree. Deploying the Senat's masterplan eventually 600 charging point will be installed.

Important to the users and early adopters of e-cars are precise information about charging options, their states at destination or on the road. The availability states in real-time via push, available or occupied, is key to know. The platform of CIRRANTiC enhances the availability state by prognosis, to inform drivers where find available chargers at a certain time of arrival. The function TiMEtravel© visualises the prognosis for the nst 24 hours.

With StatusReport users can report the situation of a charging location, e.g. whether blocked or unaccessible due to construction. Also positive feedback is quickly done to differenciate locations for other users. CIRRANTiC communicates these user feedback respecting data privacy with Stromnetz Hamburg, to solve issues in short term and improve the service over time. Moreover, CIRRANTiC supports with LiNKstart© the existing SMS payment option of Stromnetz Hamburg directly by tapping on the smartphone without RFID card or registation.

At users find the mobile website that make the new services available to everybody. The users can look forwards to further innovations that make „Charging-Up better than Filling-In!“ zu machen.

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