Operating chargers? Providing service EV drivers?

Our platform is for you! Connect your chargers and services, being found by the customers wherever they start searching: apps, web, smartphone, voice assistants or InCar navigation. Or retrieve curated charger information for your branded services.

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We deliver excellent, customized access for and to a whole range of partners

Present your products and services to the target group. Make sure EV drivers know where to find you. Connect indirectly to useful information to tailer your offers and improve the EV driving experience.
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21 hours ago
Ach so, man kann den Corona-bedingt eingebrochenen Fahrzeugabsatz auch durch Hersteller-Preissenkungen ankurbeln ??? Was diskutieren wir hier in DE eigentlich? #emobility https://t.co/Wu6IAh5YMO
2 days ago
Kijk, da’s een interessante en handige aanvulling op de laad-app’s: https://t.co/l3po9qSsak Extra info in ‘t overzicht voor bruikbare laadpassen en apps. @moovility_me #MOOVILITY #emobility #BEV https://t.co/Czvrklq0n8 CIRRANTiC photo
2 days ago
Very happy to provide high quality, real-time information to support EV drivers locate #IONITY stations easily via the @CIRRANTiC platform. https://t.co/JJf9fcM9XY
3 days ago
Besser als eine Autokaufprämie: Italiens Hausbesitzer können jetzt kostenlos Photovoltaik-Anlagen installieren #Klimaschutz #Corona https://t.co/tJ3XXgQdcl
6 days ago
Great teamwork: @SerwaysDE Denkendorf A8 rest area guided by #MOOVILITY to @EnBW chargers and using direct pay! #Emobilitydeals #emobility https://t.co/45CDiTi538 CIRRANTiC photo


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