Guiding New Mobility
Electric. Clean. Affordable.

The way humans interact with the planet needs to change. Quickly.
We work to facilitate and accelerate this transformation at the crossroads of energy and mobility with smart, tailored information delivered to any virtual doorstep.

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Operating chargers? Providing service EV drivers?

Our platform is for you! Connect your chargers and services, being found by the customers wherever they start searching: apps, web, smartphone, voice assistants or InCar navigation. Or retrieve curated charger information for your branded services.

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We deliver excellent, customized access for and to a whole range of partners

Present your products and services to the target group. Make sure EV drivers know where to find you. Connect indirectly to useful information to tailer your offers and improve the EV driving experience.
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News & Activities

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11 minutes ago
@CharIN_eV now presents global #ccs coverage on its website using our whitelabel mapsite service! And also keeps you on track regarding CCS quarterly growth! #emobility CIRRANTiC photo
2 days ago
Shit, Windräder sind doch Teufelszeug 🙁
2 days ago
The brand new #emobility Excellence Report Q3 2020 provided by @p3_com THEON Data and us is now available for free download Who is offering best coverage and tariff? Thanks to all participants! CIRRANTiC photo
2 days ago
„E-Mobility Excellence“: #Shell Recharge bietet immer noch beste Abdeckung. Hier der große Vergleich:

#eMobility #Elektromobilität #Roaming @CIRRANTiC #P3