Guiding New Mobility
Electric. Clean. Affordable.

The way humans interact with the planet needs to change. Quickly.
We work to facilitate and accelerate this transformation at the crossroads of energy and mobility with smart, tailored information delivered to any virtual doorstep.

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Operating chargers? Providing service EV drivers?

Our platform is for you! Connect your chargers and services, being found by the customers wherever they start searching: apps, web, smartphone, voice assistants or InCar navigation. Or retrieve curated charger information for your branded services.

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We deliver excellent, customized access for and to a whole range of partners

Present your products and services to the target group. Make sure EV drivers know where to find you. Connect indirectly to useful information to tailer your offers and improve the EV driving experience.
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News & Activities

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2 days ago
Pound to announce first in kind EV charging experience with all new @MOOVILITY skill and #AmazonAlexa! “Alexa, tell MOOVILITY, I need to charge!”

EV charger and charging services: Find, compare, charge all with your #voice. More
#emobility #charging #EV
1 week ago
@CHIP_online greift auf seinem E-Fahrer Portal die Analysen von @wolfgang_gomoll, @BeryllsStrategy und unserem CEO Ulrich Heitmann auf und bringt sie in einen dpannenden Zusammenhang! #emobility @moovility_me
2 weeks ago
Danke @autobild @grundhoff für das Aufgreifen der Analysen von @wolfgang_gomoll @BeryllsStrategy und uns und die Bereitstellung des interessanten Artikels! #emobility @moovility_me
AUTO BILD @autobild
Ladesäulen und E-Autos: Ladeinfrastruktur Wie wichtig ist die Zahl der Ladesäulen in Deutschland wirklich?
3 weeks ago
@GregKable @Plugsurfing Competition and demand are rising and markets are getting more mature. Only because 1 provider fails does not mean, the market has a prob. #emobility
4 weeks ago
Dear customers, partners and EV-drivers! 2020 was a hard but fantastic year for our company, our services and our team! Thank you very much for your support and believe in our strength! We wish you a merry christmas, happy new year and take care! #emobility @moovility_me CIRRANTiC photo
4 weeks ago
Jetzt mit Euren Empfehlungen und Tips 2021 mitgestalten! @Axel_UScale möchte Euch und Euer Feedback gerne mitnehmen und hat eine coole Umfrage gestartet, die wir gerne auf @moovility_me unterstützen! Gleich App öffnen und mitmachen! #emobility CIRRANTiC photo