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Depending on your needs and market role, our platform is ready to provide a whole set modules
to connect and present your information to customers, users, and partners, or
to provide ready to use data, functions or web / app solutions to enhance your own products and services.

Directory Service

For charger operators, location partners or mobility service providers we make sure their product and service information is up-to-date, current and vividly presented in all major user touchpoints like smartphone navigation services, InCar navigation, public registries, apps and websites.

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Mapsite / App / API

Integrate efficiently, the quality enhanced and enriched EV charger information into your customer or user experience. Getting your branded webapp (“MapSite”), native app, or retrieve customized data for your needs to provide excellent, next-level use cases to your customers.

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Smart Content / Smart Actions

Beyond information, our platform integrates smart content and smart actions of your or your customers’ partners into your services. Understand spoken content, auto-reserving a charging station from within the car, select the preferred charging service, initiate charging using voice interactions, find and auto-reserve a nearby restaurant, or communicate interactively the current green power levels to the EV drivers swarm, and much more.

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Wallet – Connecting Services

Mobilize your digital product ever further via the platform’s access and usage channels. While staying connected with your customers, provide them with easy, multi-channel access to your product on various interfaces. This enables flexible multi-service but single-source integration into fleet solutions.

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Market Intelligence

Need facts? Here they are! Understanding the developments in the EV charging market. Identify the relevant players, global and regional champions and hotspots of electric mobility. Evaluate the factors of successful charging locations. Receive quantitative and qualitative feedback on how and why chargers and locations are used, and much more.

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